The Departed

March 17, 2010
By Rebecca Porath GOLD, New City, New York
Rebecca Porath GOLD, New City, New York
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When four writers decided to write a screenplay based off of the Chinese film Infernal Affairs, many doubted any success that this film could achieve. After Martin Scorsese and an all-star cast tagged along though, these pessimistic ideas were shattered.

Set in modern day Boston, this story is not a typical Scorsese- gang film. Along with illustrating the world of South Boston and the Irish mob, this picture also captures the other side of the crime world, the police. Within minutes of watching the movie and witnessing the astounding performances by Dicaprio, Nicholson, Damon and many more, with beautiful direction by Scorsese, one would find it is impossible to turn away.
In the opening scenes, we are introduced to Frank Costello, the mob boss, portrayed by Jack Nicholson. He talks about the history of Boston and life in the mob, speaking to a young Colin Sullivan, Matt Damon. Fast-forwarding to modern day, Colin is shown as a man in his early thirties in the police academy for the state police of Massachusetts. What the others in his class don’t know is that Colin is a rat for Costello, Attempting to infiltrate and destroy the police’s actions of foiling Costello’s plans. On the other side of the same coin, Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) is also originally seen in the same police academy, but then he is sat down in the chief’s office. Billy takes an undercover role of being a mole in Costello’s gang, due to Costigan’s family history of mob members. After around a year, Colin and Costigan become aware of each other’s existence, but do not know who the other’s true identity is. In an constantly suspenseful and original cat and mouse type gang-thriller I can confidently say that this film delivers what it intended for, which was pure edge-of your seat entertainment, in which you never know where this movie is going to turn.

In the film, the acting and directing greatly enhanced the amazing story and contributed to the fantastic product which is The Departed.. Yet again, Martin Scorsese has proven to the world why he is one of the best of our time. For his way of making you feel as if you are truly in on the action throughout the film, along with feeling the true emotion of South Boston and its inhabitants, Scorsese truly did deserve the Academy Award for Best Director which he attained for this film. The performances by the all-star cast also added to the greatness of the picture. While the constantly panicking Dicaprio pumps your heart rate throughout the duration of all of his scenes, Damon successfully made you hate him, Wahlberg with his crude humor made you laugh, Nicholson made gave you chills, and all the while, the story kept you fascinated. An Academy Award for Best Picture certainly is an understatement for The Departed.

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on Apr. 7 2010 at 7:32 am
Stefanie Wasser SILVER, New City, New York
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wow great detail...this really made me want to see this movie! Great Job! i would love to see this in a magazine !!!

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