Law Abiding Citizen

March 16, 2010
By Redeye BRONZE, Verdun, Other
Redeye BRONZE, Verdun, Other
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This month on movie central, we are going to write about the new movie Law Abiding Citizen.
Gerard Butler plays as Clyde Shelton and Jamie Foxx plays as Nick Rice. This movie begins with the murders of Clyde Shelton’s wife and child. He goes to see Nick Rice, a prosecutor to see justice for what happened to his family. But Nick’s boss forces Nick too offer Darby a light sentence in exchange for testifying against his partner who didn’t hurt them. Then they fast forward ten years and Darby’s partner is going to die of lethal injection, but something goes horribly wrong. One of the drugs the guy was injected with is the wrong drug. On the drug bottle says the word ‘can’t fight fate’ and that was what Darby said to Clyde when he killed his family and Nick at the trial. Then Darby gets a call that the police are after him and says to go to the cop car and get away. When he’s about to kill the cop, Darby sees the cop is really Clyde in disguise. Then he takes Darby to a abandoned warehouse and kills Darby. The police go to Clyde’s place and arrest him. That’s when the other murders happen, but what’s making the police crazy is that Clyde is behind bars and somehow people are getting killed. The other people who die were involved with the trial. Then Clyde says he is going to make a killing so amazing it will be biblical. Then Nick finds a suitcase with napalm and puts it in Clyde’s room and Clyde dies with the bracelet that his daughter made him. The movie was very bloody and had twists. If you want to see it, rent it at a movie store near you.

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