Star Trek

March 15, 2010
By fogeltho BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
fogeltho BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
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Over the years, the Star Trek franchise has been overshadowed by another Sci-Fi franchise, Star Wars. It's had to endure this humiliation for 32 years. Well, Trekkies can finally rejoice. J.J. Abrams' Star Trek is an all-new film about the original crew of the USS Enterprise. While the film does have some low points (Marooning! Origin Stories!), they are definitely redeemed by the film's high points (Time Travel! Catchphrases! Leonard Nimoy!). I particularly enjoyed this film because of the characters, the plotline, and the design.

First is the characters. A movie cannot connect with its audience unless the characters can. The good thing is that there's a character for everyone. There's the brash Kirk, the logical Spock, the misanthropic McCoy, and of course, the lovely Miss Uhura. All of the characters from the original series have been re-imagined here with younger actors, some arguably better than the original. And the actors' performances really bring the characters to life.

Another strong point is the plot. While it may be confusing at parts, it is never boring. It constantly manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. It also has some major plot twists that work for the better of the movie. Not only do the new concepts allow for new ideas and plotlines, they also add to the adventure aspect of the film. A certain high point was the inclusion of Leonard Nimoy. Pure Geek Heaven.

Lastly is the design. The art of the film bears nearly no resemblance to the original series. Not only were the ships redesigned, but so were the uniforms, the characters, the sets, the props, etc. You can tell that the production team spent a lot of time designing and building everything that is seen in the film. The film also uses a generous amount of Special Effects. While the effects do look very realistic, one begins to think that the film overuses them slightly. However, the film is good enough and uses them well enough that you can overlook that.
Star Trek does have a couple of typical film aspects, like a tiny romance subplot, an acceptance subplot, a lost father subplot, etc. These are aspects that don't really contribute anything to the whole of the film. And the film does occasionally fall prey to typical blockbuster shortcomings, like shallow characters, or bad lines. However, on the whole, Star Trek is not really affected by these shortcomings. It has those moments where you just feel totally immersed in the universe and story. I would suggest this film to just about anyone.

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