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March 26, 2010
By Cori Zimny BRONZE, Sun City, Arizona
Cori Zimny BRONZE, Sun City, Arizona
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A musical masterpiece, enthralling entertainment, an amusing adventure – no one description can fully cover the 1948 film “The Pirate.” Set in the Caribbean, it is filled with pirates, village girls, and a peculiar band of traveling actors.

The story centers around Manuela (Judy Garland), the village beauty who is engaged to the very rich mayor. A helpless romantic, she fantasizes that one day the dreaded pirate Macoco will swoop down and carry her away.

While buying her wedding dress in a nearby town, Man­uela catches the eye of the suave actor Serafin (Gene Kelly), who is instantly love­struck and will stop at nothing to convince her that she cares for him: he calls her ­betrothed a pumpkin, hypnotizes her, and even appears on her ­wedding day.

With lies and identities ­revealed, the plot thickens and the story gets even more interesting. “The Pirate” is filled with intricate dance numbers by the talented Kelly and songs sweetly sung by Garland. Every part of this film engages the ­audience, from the colorful costumes to witty dialogue and addictive music.

I definitely recommend “The Pirate” for fans of Kelly or Garland, and anyone who wants a good laugh or a romantic ­adventure.

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on Mar. 31 2010 at 7:31 pm
Sounds good. Is it extremely cheesy or just modertly? 

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