Alice in Wonderland (1951)

March 2, 2010
Disney’s Fairytale Gone Bad in Wonderland

Walt Disney created a new “Huck Finn”. Alice in Wonderland, which was made in 1951, wouldn’t be the first choice if one only seeks for entertainments. Its use of language and the characteristics of minors will do nothing but disturb the innocent minds. Unless one choose to explore the lessons of moral in those 75 minutes. Discovering some hidden satires from this reflective maniac plot will bring an enjoyment and touch one’s past behavior. Alice in Wonderland (1951) is a movie that satisfies and teaches viewers valuable lessons by showing colorful yet inappropriate characters that might threaten some young children.

As Alice explores the world of mystery, she meets some strange characters. One will find out that the most minor characters in the movie constantly smoke which can make a bad influence on some children. However, it can also affect positively to elders by showing the reflected characters. Each scenes is not there to harm viewers but to give morals. There are fooling, curiosity, and so much more to find as one goes through the movie. As the makers of Alice in Wonderland said, “Every thing’s got a moral, if only you can find it”.

The movie shows fabulous colors and story which makes easier for viewers to watch. But the viewers must not forget the fact that the movie contains improper characters and scenes that might frighten little children. If watching the movie was the choice, one will require some skills of discovering morals in movies. But no worries Disney fans! Alice in Wonderland is re-filmed by Tim Burton this year 2010. Lots of adventures will be waiting on the way.

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