Dead and Breakfast

January 27, 2010
By numnum57 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
numnum57 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The movie, Dead and Breakfast is one of the best and most creative zombie movies I’ve ever seen. It’s been stated that a great zombie boils down to three categories. The first is gore, the more graphic the better. Next would be, interesting explanations I for one love, having my mind rocked by a new definition, or theory, of a zombie. The third and final would be the expectation of naïve and idiotically funny characters. I judge a zombie movie by these three things, if you do as well this movie will exceed your expectations as it did to mine.

This movie presents a new take on the classic creation of zombies. Instead of explaining that your beloved deceased friend, is alive again because there was no room in hell, Dead and Breakfast brings the idea of a curse to the table. In this movie, Johnny, the character creating zombies, has to get a DNA sample of someone in order to unleash the almighty power of the wicked curse. A few seconds later they become his mindless minions or in other words, his army of zombies. The remaining five guests of the bed and breakfast try to stop the progress of the curse while putting an effort into escaping the forsaken town of Lovelock. I have seen a plethora of zombie movies and this is the first I've heard of a curse.

Not only do you get the visual effect of horrific zombie murder, but this movie offers a southern vibe, which is a notoriously rare characteristic to find in a zombie movie. The main characters of this movie stay in a cozy, old fashion bed and breakfast. It had a traditional picket fence and the greenest grass you will ever see. In addition, the town was infested with people who sum up, practically every stereotype you could think of, for a southerner. Some people had over exaggerated accents, others looked like hardcore hillbillies. They had missing teeth, greasy looking hair and wore raggedy clothes; just imagine what the town idiots look like. The characters only added to the ambience of the whole movie.

In every other zombie movie I’ve seen the soundtrack is always the same. If it’s not ominous or gloomy then it’s suspenseful and eerie. This movie’s uniqueness is not limited to its theories and setting, the music it is set to grants a delightful twist to the genre. It uses more of an upbeat, hoedown kind of sound. There was even a man named, Bob who would recap scenes in a country rap song, which serves as a smooth transition from chapter to chapter. The soundtrack is one that will stay in your head which is more than I can say about other movies of the same genre.

All in all, this movie is worth watching. It’s a well balanced film, what with its great comedic horror ratio. You will laugh throughout the whole thing and every now and then, you may wince and look away. I recommend it to people who love a good laugh, well thought out plot, a catchy soundtrack and of course, my fellow zombie aficionados.

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