January 25, 2010
By Gillian BRONZE, Northborough, Massachusetts
Gillian BRONZE, Northborough, Massachusetts
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Avatar Takes Filmography to a Whole New World
If you haven’t yet seen this epic Sci-Fi action film, cancel your plans for this weekend and purchase tickets for this unbelievable film. Be sure so not settle for the traditional theater version; it’s worth every penny to see this in Imax.
If you think this movie isn’t your “type”, you are wrong. Avatar will suit all movie-goers from many genres. You want action? Avatar takes the audience on adventures through the jungles of Pandora, using the 3D to draw the audience further into the experience. If you’re into Science-Fiction, you’ll be amazed by the special effects and detail used to create the blue-skinned Na’vi inhabitants. Even the love-story is sure to catch the heart of any romance movie-goer as Neytiri becomes Jake’s mentor, and we see that his “blue-skinned brothers” become more real to him than other humans like him.

Directed by James Cameron, Avatar’s turnout was much anticipated. Other well-known movies directed by Cameron include Titanic, Aliens, and Terminator I & ll, so it’s no surprise that Avatar had expectations to meet. To the viewer’s surprise, however, this movie exceeds any expectations that they may have made from just seeing the trailer.
Starring Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, the story’s paraplegic main character lives an eventless life in his wheelchair. Opportunity literally knocks him out of his chair when he is taken to the world of Pandora. Through his Avatar in this entirely different world, Jake has complete freedom to do things that he was limited to on earth. It’s no surprise he falls in love with the land, the people, and their ways. As the audience, we are able to see this transformation happen in Jake, and see how much he is impacted by the world of Pandora. Not only we see his character change, but we also watch other characters as they undergo development throughout the story. Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana, and Dr. Grace, played by Sigourney Weaver, are two of the characters we follow through the movie.
As the character’s development continues as the story switches between the natural world and Pandora. The balance between these two worlds is well-balanced, and transitions very well. Though in Pandora the actors get a break as the special effects take over, never do the producers lose touch of the character’s acting and personality. The carry-over to the fantasy world seems so real, it’s almost believable that such a world as Pandora exists.
As incredible as the movie is, it seems never-ending. Each time you expect the movie to come to a wrap after a slow part in the plot, something else significant pops up. Though this sudden spin on the plot keeps viewer’s interest and attention, some parts of the movie seemed quite predictable. From just the trailer, it is quite predictable that the relationship between Jake and Neytiri is sure to be more than temporary. The overall story seems like any other old story we’ve all seen before.

Putting these few down-sides aside, Avatar is an incredible movie that is sure to become a milestone of filmmaking. Almost every aspect of this movie is so perfectly arranged, all together creating one of the most memorable films produced. Likeable by almost every audience, it will continue to astonish every viewer in the audience. The experience of watching Avatar will take you to an entirely different world, one that everyone should take part in.

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