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   This movie is R rated. Those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

When I first heard about "Dead Again," I thought it was going to be a horror movie. From the commercials, "Dead Again" struck me as a rather uninteresting film, whose storyline had no appeal to me.

When I finally went out to see it at the command of our drama teacher, it definitely beckoned to the strange side of me. "Dead Again" is a romantic, mystery/suspense movie.

A composer, Roman Strauss, is convicted of killing his wife in a fit of jealous rage in 1949. In their next life, as fate would have it, they meet again, as Mike Church, an investigator, and Grace, a lady who has lost memory of her past and her name. Under hypnotism, Grace remembers her past life, and Mike is in her memories. The question is, since Roman killed Margaret in a past life, will he do it again, or will Margaret resolve the conflict by killing him?

"Dead Again" is a film that you think about even after you return home from the theatre. You may even notice some of the inconsistencies in it. "Dead Again" is a fantastic, extremely complicated movie. I loved all the unexpected twists in the plot, and its strangeness was fascinating and humorous (for example, all the scissors artwork and the satirical final scene). "Dead Again" also has many off-center characters, like the meat-packing ex-shrink and the antique-obsessed hypnotist.

There are some unexpected, interesting cameos that boost the quality of the film. I really enjoyed the plot, which deals with different topics than the average movie , it made me rethink my views on karma, reincarnation and fate.

Another contribution to the uniqueness of "Dead Again" is its different style of movie making. There were a series of flashbacks, which may not seem unusual, but the fact that they were filmed in black and white caught my attention.

Music added intensity to the movie and there was much symbolism. Look for parallel scenes, situations, and charac-ters/actors.

If you are bored of the average romance/suspense/mystery movie,"Dead Again" should satisfy your desire for a bit of the bizarre. n

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