January 11, 2010
By Maura Falk SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Maura Falk SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Over break on December 18th, the highly anticipated “Avatar” hit the big screen. According to Rotten Tomatoes grossed approximately $352,114,898 at the box office. However, even with the outstanding success in theaters, “Avatar” left something to be desired.
While writer and director James Cameron deserves praise for the Utopian planet, Pandora, and the stunning visual effects, the plot and screen play fell short.
“I thought it was really cool, I felt like I was there,” said senior Chelsea .
The movie follows ex Marine Jake Sully, who was recruited to Pandora. The planet has become a sight for mining special minerals that can’t be found anywhere else. But this important aspect of the movie is poorly developed and even hard to miss. However, the natives, the Na’vi, a race of ten feet tall blue aliens, are not willing to cooperate.
To smooth the way scientist have created a way for humans to connect to avatars, bodies created in a lab made to look like the natives of Pandora. However, as Sully finds himself falling deeper into the Na’vi way of life his allegiance changes as he joins the Na’vi fight to save their planet from the destruction that follows in the human’s path for minerals.
The movie brings to life another world, but the characters and dialogue consistently lack imagination and flair that the world around them has.
“I was so concentrated on the background I felt like I was missing some of the plot,” said junior Chuck .
Overall I would say that “Avatar” deserves two out of four stars.

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