Paranormal Activity

January 11, 2010
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The conclusion of 2009 brought lists of the year’s “best” and “worst” movies, music, and entertainment in general. The movie “Paranormal Activity” has oddly managed to land on each type of list. With minimal advertising on television, the movie’s reputation spread through word of mouth.

While some claim the movie is the scariest they have ever seen, others were claim they were unimpressed.

“I wanted to close my eyes the whole time, but I didn’t want to miss anything,” says senior Ellen Panther. “I had to sleep with the lights on for the first night.”

Besides the avid fans, “Paranormal Activity” was noticed by entertainment critics also.

“With a $15,000 budget too puny to empty a petty-cash drawer, the no-frills Paranormal Activity comes packed with thrills,” wrote Peter Travers of “The Rolling Stone”.

While some raved, others believed they had seen better.

“It was okay, definitely not the scariest movie ever,” says senior Andy Fox.

Fox was not the only one who was skeptical regarding the movie’s home video style.

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