Eagle Eye

January 9, 2010
By SowmyaA SILVER, San Jose, California
SowmyaA SILVER, San Jose, California
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Eagle Eye is about a Jerry Shaw (Shia LeBeouf, Transformers) a boy in his early 20s who is out on his luck. He is always overshadowed by his twin brother, who dies in a car accident. All of a sudden he finds high end military explosives and weapons in his apartment and starts receiving mysterious call from a woman. His life becomes intertwined with Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan, Mission Impossible 3), a strait-laced divorced mother of an 8 or so year old boy, who also gets these call. They are being controlled by her who controls and manipulates the technology around them into doing her bidding.

The plot moves well throughout the movie, but is somewhat slow in a couple of scenes and has it unexpected moments, but for the most part predictable. The first 45 minutes are fast paced with great action sequences. LeBeouf does a decent job as Jerry and adds a level of witty comic relief. Monaghan does justice to her character. Billy Bob Thornton (Bad News Bears) adds a bit of laughter in spots and Michael Chiklis’s (Fantastic 4) character is influential in moving the plot. The special effects and cinematography are superb and add authenticity to the story.

Aside from a good cast, the movie makes the point that we are so consumed by technology and nearly everything is controlled by it, from as simple as a parking meter, lights, to cranes, trains, cell phones, airport security, doors and gates. We rely so much on them that we wouldn’t be able to function without them, like how the most populated city in the most powerful country in the world was crippled and lifeless without electricity. They have the power to control us and inevitably end up doing so. Eagle Eye is a decent flick that has a purpose that not many people think of in their day to day lives.

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