New Moon

December 28, 2009
By girdythebirdy SILVER, Davis, California
girdythebirdy SILVER, Davis, California
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As Bella leaned in to Jacob, something became clear. The twilight saga sends the wrong message to teens, and overall projects a lifestyle that is abusive to girls.
Bella Swan is a 18 year old girl in love with a vampire named Edward. The movie starts out when a freak accident occurs between Bella and Edward's family. As Bella opens a gift, her finger slides across the paper, and she gets a paper cut. One of Edward's family members launches at Bella, and a whole mess unfolds. Later, when Bella talks to Edward in the woods, he tells her that he "Never wants to see her again". And with that, Edward disappears. Bella launches into a world of depression and anger. I felt the movie seemed to emphasize too much on Bella's pain. The movie sets a bad example for many young girls, teaching them to be very loyal to their boyfriend, and that the boy is always in control. Why do girls have to become the "weak" ones? Even though loyalty and lack of control sells in theatres, does it make girls happier in real life? As these questions unfolding for me, the plot seemed to become even more bizarre. Suddenly, Bella became dependent off of a newer character, Jacob Black. There are several times where both characters try to kiss, but failed at doing so. Towards the ending, I was overall very disconcerted, and confused. What message is this sending to girls? What message is this sending to guys? The only question I could answer was which side I was one- Team Edward or Team Jacob. After watching the movie, I think I've decided. I'm not on a team.

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