New Moon

December 26, 2009
By , Al Khor, Qatar
Personally, I think the 2nd part of the Twilight Saga - New Moon - was more action packed and not much of a romance except near the end and maybe a bit at the beginning. When Edward decides to leave Bella because he sees himself as a threat to her, Bella is completely shocked and is not able to cope with the fact that he left her. After a few months of nightmares and solitude Bella decides to visit her friend Jacob Black. When she is with him she feels as if Edward never existed and so visits Jacob as many times as possible. But then trouble starts brewing when she finds out that her old enemy James' mate has come back in order to get revenge. Then Alice (Edward's sister) comes back in order to tell her that Edward thinks she is dead. They at once set of to find him in Italy where he has decided to kill himself because he thinks Bella is dead. To find out more it is best to see the movie.

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