Deck The Halls

December 25, 2009
Oh my gosh. Wow, it's because of movies like these that the job of being a film critic can be just as much a curse as it is a blessing. Sometimes, I just wish you could simplify a review into "this movie sucks - period". Because, frankly, that about sums this "film" up to a T. It's THAT bad.

The movie's basically about a super-organized Christmas expert, played by Matthew Broderick, and his typical family, each following the stereotypes of a 'comedy-film' family. Their lives are turned into chaos, however, when a new, ambitious neighbor - played by Danny DeVito - moves in and decides he wants his house/Christmas lights to be seen from space.

Ugh, it was painful to even write the basic plot for this film. I mean, there's literally NOTHING good or enjoyable about this movie. At all. It follows the cliched Christmas comedy formula that's been around forever, the acting is average at best (this includes our two leads), and all of the jokes just fall flat on their faces - being completely and utterly unfunny. I don't even remember laughing once. Not even a chuckle. This film is a terrible excuse for family entertainment, being more of a waste of your time and electricity than DeVito's character's plans for his house to be seen in space. Speaking of which, there are a lot of sex jokes in here for a "family film".

Completely unfunny, terribly-written, and just plain boring, Deck The Halls isn't even worth my time for a hate rant OR a proper review. There's nothing enjoyable or entertaining about this movie whatsoever.

1/10 - Abysmal

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