Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

December 25, 2009
This is easily the best of all four of the Indiana Jones films. The effects are amazing considering it's a film from 1989. It tops the most recen fourth installment in almost every way. The sense of adventure in the movie is top-notch. Harrison Ford crafts a believable hero that is all to rare in cinema.
Dr. Jones is one awsome character, he destroys a tank buy lodging a rock into a tanks mortar gun while riding on horseback! That combination automatically equals awsome. And that's just one of the creative moments in the film. Steven Spielberg is a genius of cinema and has an amazing eye for what goes into making a movie the best that it can be.
Very raely does a movie director look at his work from both his perspective and the viewers. Some try, but end up only serving justice to a fraction of the viewers like me and you. Watching this movie again is enough to forgive the average fourth installment of this legendary franchise.
This is one of those rare adventure movies that just grips you until the end credits start to roll this is one Steven Spielberg film not to be missed!

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