The Corpse Bride

December 23, 2009
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I can’t believe it took me so long to see this movie. Three years! I promised I’d watch it in early 2007, yet I watch it now, late 2009. In a way, I’m glad because I think I understand the movie a lot more now. But still, the back of my head is thinking ‘WHAT TOOK SO LONG???’ The Corpse Bride is a great movie, with a great story that works so well with the claymation technique that director Tim Burton uses. The characters are great and the songs are wonderful. It’s a movie musical, and it’s not the type of movie where the characters will burst into song for no reason whatsoever. The songs work perfectly well with the plot, the lyrics as sinister as the characters and moods.

I also love Burton contrasts light and dark – the dark underworld of the dead is give more light than the world of living. It makes sense – the lively dead are well, much more alive than the haunted living are. The living are pale while the dead are blue, the town is dark and gloomy whereas the underworld is light, light and light. The Corpse Bride is most gorgeous character in the film; a light blue hue that makes her glow even with her blemishes. I really don’t want to reveal much about the story but here are the bare essentials. A young man named Victor is walking through the forest trying to memorize his wedding vows for his wedding to Victoria, his true love, tomorrow. He finally gets them right, proposing a twig that looks like a hand in a cemetery. Unfortunately for him, the twig is actually a hand and what erupts is the Corpse Bride, who immediately mistakes his vows for real and takes Victor on a whirlwind of a ride in the underworld.

The movie is a lot of fun and yet another great movie by Tim Burton. I really like the attention to detail in this movie, which is really good because a movie done with claymation takes a really long time to make. Surely it could become monotonous, so it’s nice to know that storytellers didn’t skip a beat. Overall, the Corpse Bride is a great movie that one can truly appreciate on so many levels. I give it a perfect rating – 5/5.

The author's comments:
My sentiments are echoed in the first few sentences - what took so long? But my opinions were so strong that I just had to write them down - which is what I did. Hope you guys watch it.

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