Pan's Labyrinth

December 14, 2009
By ashley12 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
ashley12 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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A girl a Fon, fairies, and creatures

Pan’s labyrinth by: Guillermo del Toro

What would you do if you saw a fairy? Would you be scared? Or happy? Well this movie is king of extreme.

This movie starts off with a girl named Ofelia it’s a Spanish name. Well the girl Ofelia and her mom are moving to her boyfriend’s house well it’s kind of not a house it’s were they put things for war so it’s based on war too. When her mom get’s sick really bad because of the baby she’s about to have, she falls asleep and a fairy leads Ofelia to a place. When she got there their was a Fon. What’s a Fon? Well its water its air earth a lot of things. He tells her that she’s a princess witch she is, but only if she completed three tasks. The first one was that she needed to go under a bended dead tree, and put 3 kinds of minerals, that the Fon gave her and into an ogre’s mouth. So he can vomit out a key he ate so she gets it. Then she goes to the second task and she needs to go into a room but how? Well the Fon gives her a magic chalk but she can’t eat nothing there is so she goes in gets the key out. She unlocks a little box and gets a wired looking knife. So she gets hungry and eats and I’m not telling you how it ends. It’s too interesting you’ll have to see the movie.

I love this movie it’s so cool. It’s also so interesting like when the man with no eyes is about to .but it’s also too violent like when the maid rips the captain’s mouth.

I would recommend this to everyone ages 21 and up because of all the violence so children shouldn’t see this. Even if there’s a fairy. Have you seen the book thief? Well if you liked it you’ll like this movie.

I would give this movie a 100 out of100 stars. Because of the action like the man with no eyes eats 2 of the fairies. So don’t be tented and see the movie

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