December 8, 2009
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WALL•E is the only living thing left on Earth. In the future, Earth is so junked up and polluted that it can no longer sustain life. So humanity goes into space on a starship where robots do everything for them. While they are in space, they have robots called WALL•E’s (waste allocator load lifter earth class) clean up Earth for them while the humans are in space. But all the WALL•E’s break down and die except one. This WALL•E has quite a personality and is the main character of the movie. Then an EVE (extraterrestrial vegetation examiner) comes down from the ship to see if Earth can sustain life. And in the end, everything works out. The reasons this movie is amazing is because it has action, comedy, and a good message.

One reason this movie has action because the ship’s autopilot, who is evil, does not want EVE to show the captain that Earth can sustain life, because if Earth could sustain life, the captain would want to go back to Earth and they would, totally ignoring the ship and let it rust. So a fight between man and robot ensues, but eventually humans win, and the ship heads back to Earth. Another reason this movie has action is because when WALL•E meets EVE on earth, EVE thinks WALL•E is an enemy and tries to terminate (the robot word for destroy) him. One final reason this movie has action is because WALL•E has to go find EVE when the ship kidnaps her

Another reason this is an awesome movie is because it has comedy. WALL•E will always keep you laughing. In the scene where WALL•E has to rescue EVE, he runs down a passage in the ship to get to her, causing a traffic jam of robots. This caused commotion similar to running a red light. In another scene, WALL•E gets thrown out of the ship and stuck in space. And of all things, WALL•E uses a fire extinguisher to propel him back to the ship.
Lastly, I think WALL•E is an amazing movie because it has a good message. We need to protect and care for our Earth, because it is the only one we’ve got. In this movie, Earth has gotten so polluted we had to leave it. We can’t let this happen. This movie inspires me to make a difference.

In conclusion, this is a great movie because it has suspense, hilarity, and it encourages a good cause. This movie really shows us that we need to care for and protect our Earth. But to see what happens to Earth in WALL•E, well, you’ll just have to watch it and see for yourself!

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