The Twilight Saga: New Moon

December 7, 2009
By Jessie Lynn BRONZE, Roslyn Heights, New York
Jessie Lynn BRONZE, Roslyn Heights, New York
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Twi-hards are raving about New Moon
It’s Friday morning at 12:01am, and hundreds of fans are awaiting the new addition to the Twilight Saga: “New Moon.” In the theaters, many screaming fans were waiting in line to see this much anticipated movie. Arriving at 10:00 PM, the theater was packed and the lines extended throughout the theater. At UA Westbury Stadium 12, seven theaters had to be used just to fit all these excited fans. These “twi-hards” showed their excitement by dressing up in T-shirts saying quotes ranging from “It’s a wolf thing,” to “I bet you can’t read my mind.”

The movie is based on Stephanie Meyer’s hit fantasy romance novel “New Moon.” It is a story about the forbidden love between Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). The novel revolves around the fact that Bella is a fragile human while Edward is a vampire who is tempted to kill her. It takes place in Forks, a small town of 3,120 people in the state of Washington.
“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” was much better than the first movie in the series, “Twilight” due to its director Chris Weitz. Weitz took this movie in a more comical direction to avoid the unintentional humor. The actor, who made the movie hilarious, was Jackson Rathbone who played Jasper Cullen. Although he only appeared in two scenes, he stole the movie with witty comments and great acting
In the beginning of the movie, Jasper’s vampire nature puts Bella in danger and Bella’s soul mate Edward leaves to keep her from the danger of his kind. When he leaves, Bella is faced with a zombie-like life, filled with despair and sadness. Her father, Charlie played by Billy Burke, later threatened to send her to her Mother, Renee (Sarah Clarke), who lives in Jacksonville. She responds by trying to get back in touch with her friends, Jessica Stanley (Anna Kendrick), Mike Newton (Michael Welch), Angela Weber (Christian Serratos), and Eric Yorkie (Justin Chon).When she and Jessica go out to the movies Bella finds that when she is faced with danger, a hallucination of Edward appears, trying to stop her from doing anything reckless. To try to create these hallucinations daily, she turns into an “adrenaline junkie.”

In an attempt to do something dangerous, Bella rescues two old motorcycles and gives them to her personal mechanic Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). While hanging out with Jacob, although she is still pained by the absence of Edward, the pain lessens. Jacob slowly closes the hole in Bella’s heart when they are hanging out.

When Bella invites Jacob to the movies, Jacob starts behaving badly which leads him to break his promise to Bella of “not to hurt her.” He stopped hanging out with her, taking her phone calls or having any connection. After a few hints, Bella finally figures out the truth: Jacob is a werewolf. Bella approaches Jacob with her new conclusion to find out that he isn’t the type of werewolf who kills people, he only kills vampires.

Bella and Jacob are finally able to hang out again, now that she knows his secret. Unfortunately Bella’s addiction to adrenaline lands her in trouble. When Bella goes cliff diving, Alice, who is Edward’s psychic sister, sees her in a vision drowning but did not realize that she was saved by Jacob. When Edward finds out, he goes to kill himself, thinking Bella is dead. Alice then comes to Forks to tell Bella of the dreadful disaster happening with her brother. Bella immediately goes into the car to go to Italy to save him, leaving the heart-broken Jacob behind.
A main reason why the second movie was superior to the first was because all the actors improved. Due to the plot of the motion picture being pretty “corny” in general, pulling off the characters was a tough job for each actor in the film but they mostly did pretty good work. One actor who did a sensational job was Taylor Lautner. Lautner’s character of Jacob Black was one of the most challenging characters due to his dramatic change and unpredictable emotions but he pulled it off.

When Alice and Bella reach Italy, they get to Edward in time to save him from the Volturi, a powerful Italian family dedicated to the vampire law. Edward was going to step into the light and reveal himself sparkling. This would break the rule and expose himself as a vampire which would lead to a quick death.

Thinking that they were safe, Bella and Edward embrace and share a moment of reunion before members of the Volturi’s guard come to bring Bella, Edward and Alice to their “masters.” Edward quickly goes to defend Bella but then Jane comes, a vampire with a talent of causing excruciating pain, and they were forced to follow. The Cullens and Bella were taken to the leader of the Volturi clan, Aro (Michael Sheen), who fortunately took a liking to Bella and allowed them to go on one condition; Bella becomes a vampire. Alice quickly agrees to change her and they were allowed to leave.

When coming from Edwards’s house during a later get-together, Bella and Edward run into Jacob. Edward gets out, knowing that Jacob wants to talk to him and is unable to keep Bella from getting in the middle of their fight. Unable to hurt Bella they both stop before any fighting occurs. Jacob eventually leaves, but not before telling Bella they cannot be friends anymore. A hurt Bella turns to Edward who comforts her. Feeling better, Bella asks Edward for him to turn her into a vampire. Edward states that he will only change her on one condition. “And then forever.” When a confused Bella exclaims that’s what she is asking for, he replies, “Marry Me Bella.” The movie ends with the face of a shocked Bella and a wistful Edward..
While Weitz directing improved the film in general, the cinematography suffered. While creating this piece, you can tell the camera operators tried many tricks to make the scenes look “cooler.” While some of these moves succeeded, most failed leaving the viewers dizzy in the process. Throughout the theater you can see people moaning saying “if they continue to spin in circles I’m going to throw up.” All in all, “New Moon” was an amazing movie for fans but maybe not for others. After this movie, it’s safe to say there will be more twi-hards than ever before.

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I agree that Jasper was the best in this movie, except for maybe Michael Sheen.

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