New Moon

December 6, 2009
By Anonymous

“New Moon” the second installment in The Twilight Saga is a fascinating movie based on the second book in Stephenie Meyer’s best selling series, is now in theatres as the number one movie in the world.
Instead of finding your first love like in the first installment “Twilight”, “New Moon” is about losing that first love.
After an incident at Bella Swan’s (Kristen Stewart) eighteenth birthday party, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) decides to leave Bella because he thinks it is what is best for her. With Bella’s heart being broken she turns to her best friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) to fill the void that was left by Edward. After spending time with Jacob she learns he is a werewolf and more vampires are after her.
There are more than just vampires in this movie. This movie is when the Quileute wolves are introduced. The director Chris Weitz does a phenomenal job with the wolves and staying very true to the book. Weitz also does an amazing job with the apparition of Edward. The book by Stephenie Meyer is very depressing but in the movie Weitz puts a mix of comedy when the movie is getting sad so you are entertained throughout the whole movie and it never gets to emotional.
Stewart does a brilliant job on portraying Bella in this movie. Throughout three fourths of the movie Bella is depressed by the absence of her love Edward and Stewart shows that depression extremely well and makes fans experience Bella’s pain.
Pattinson did a brilliant job even though he wasn’t in the movie as much as he was in the first one. He did a great job showing the feelings that his character, Edward, feels about his human love Bella.
Lautner was the leading man in New Moon. Lautner started working out after filming “Twilight” and he really did show a lot of improvement. Fans can really tell that Lautner is dedicated to this series by the performance he puts on in New Moon. He did a fantastic job portraying the character of Jacob in so many ways.
Ashley Greene (Alice) and Billy Burke (Charlie) also had a bigger part in “New Moon” than they did in the first installment “Twilight.” Charlie in “New Moon” worries about Bella throughout the whole book and Burke does a great showing the worry for his daughter in the movie. (He did such a great job it gave me butterflies and made me want to cry.) Greene did a great job with portraying her character, Alice, showing how much she cares for her best friend, Bella. They deserve a round of applause.
In this movie a new clan of vampires is introduced, the Volturi clan. Aro (Michael Sheen), is the leader of the clan and the darkest. The next leaders of the clan are Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower). Jane (Dakota Fanning) and Alec (Cameron Bright) are brother and sister, and nobody messes with Jane since she has a power that can force pain on you by using her mind. This clan is very powerful and is always looking for the most talented vampires.
The outfits in “New Moon” went very well with the characters. While Edward was around, Bella would wear clothes that were linked to him, but after Edward disappeared she didn’t pay much attention to her appearance. She would almost always wear her hair in a ponytail and darker colored clothes.
Even though this movie is filled with lots action with the wolves, the scene in Italy is the scene with the most action because of the fight between Edward and Felix (Daniel Cudmore).
This movie is by far the best out of the saga so far. The book is great and so is the movie but the movie is better because there are a lot of added affects that were not in the book. The cast of the movie also worked very hard on this movie and they should not be forgotten for all their hard work. This movie has an amazing mix of romance, comedy, action, horror, and depression and is by far the best vampire love story of all time.

The author's comments:
I learned about the contest and i love to write and i also love twilight so i decided to give it a try!

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