Twilight: New Moon

December 6, 2009
By Anonymous

The Twilight series has quickly become a part of popular culture around the world. The torturous love triangle between human and mythical creatures comes to life in the new movie, New Moon. Where the first movie may have been labeled a chick flick by some; New Moon appeals to both genders. It has enough action and comedic interest to keep the guys that have been pulled along happy, while still having strong emotions and heart throbs for all the feminine viewers.

All the actors excelled in portraying their characters. Robert Pattinson represented the pained Edward Cullen as he left Bella to fend for herself. Having a long history playing the tormented soul, Kristen Stewart was an excellent Bella Swan, who in New Moon, must choose between her best friend turned werewolf, Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, or her perfectly vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. Many of her scenes in the movie evoked sympathy for the choice she must make. Charlie Swan, played by Billy Burke, was a ray of comedic light in between heart breaking scenes. He evokes chuckles from the audience as he inserts some humor into the movie.
The movie stayed true to the book for the most part. The scenes that were cut were not missed in the movie for they were not needed to help the movement of the story. Some scenes were changed in the movie, but added fascinating insight to those who have read the Twilight series. Many scenes were modified to grab the entire audience, for example, fight scenes or slightly humorous scenes were added to satisfy many of the male viewers.

The cinematography helped set the tone for the entire movie. Through special effects, director influence, and cameras the audience was pulled into the agonizing choices the characters had to make. Time progression was shown initially through spinning cameras. One such occasion is in the beginning when Bella loses herself in the woods. The camera spins around her, to show that Bella has lost the essence of time as she sinks into misery. Special effects had a large role in this movie, with the creation of werewolves. The wolf pack’s transformations were believably realistic, and the wolves looked as real as the actors themselves. The director helped set the tone of anguish for the movie. The leading actors’ facial expressions broke the hearts of many viewers in the audience.

The change in director has turned an obvious chick flick into a movie that is geared to all viewers. Packed with astonishing cinematography and superb actors, New Moon catches anyone’s attention. The ending is left open as in the book to lead into another sequel.

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