the twilight saga new moon

December 4, 2009
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New Moon is about this girl named Bella , and she is in a love triangle with her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, and her best friend, Jacob Black. The first part of the movie is Bella's dream when she thinks that she sees her grandmother but she really she herself old and wrinkly. Then Charlie, Bella's dad came in her bedroom and gave her two presents, one from her mother who lives in Jacksonville,Floridia, and her dad. She got a camera and a scrapbook from her parents.Then she went to school and got to see Edward. Alice gave her a dress and told her to wear it to her house for her birthday party. Next, Edward, and Bella was in a class watching Romeo and Juliet and they was talking, so the teacher called on Edward to repeat the last lines that Romeo had said. Edward said every word correctly and the teacher got mad. Then, at Bella's birthday party, Bella was opening presents when all the sudden, she cut her right index finger. Edward flung Bella back into the wall because Jasper flung himself at Bella. Then Edward flug Jasper into the piano breaking it apart. Then after Carlislie fix her arm, were Edward flung against the wall, her whole arm got cut. Edward drove Bella home and gave her a birthday kiss then left. From then on Edward wasn't at school. Then one day when Bella came home from school, Edward was waiting for Bella at her house. They went walking in the woods and that is when he told her he didn't want to be with her. Then he made a promise to never see her again if she promised to be safe and not do anything reckless or stupid. Then he gave her a good bye kiss and left. She went looking for him but never could find him. Then she fell to the ground and fell asleep when Sam Uley found her laying on the ground. Four months past and Bella was sending emails to Alice but Alice deleted her email address. Then Charlie told her to pack up her things because she was moving back to Jacksonville with her mother, Bella refused to go. So Bella went to see a movie with ane of her friends, Jessica. That was when Bella rode on a motorcycle with a stranger, and for the first time in along time she got to see Edward if she was doing something reckless and stupid. Then Bella went to see Jacob at his house and she brought two motorcycles with her. Then Mike Newton asked Bella if she wanted to go see a movie with him and she said yes, and that they should go see the movie with a group of friends. Then it was only Bella, Jacob, and Mike that went to see the movie.Then Mike got sick and Jacob made his move on Bella.Later Jacob told Bella he didn;t want to see her ever again and that they couldn;t be friends any more. Then later Bella went to find the meadow that was hers and Edwards' meadow. When she found it, it was dead. Everything was dead even the grass, it was dead because Edward wasn't there all the time any more. Then out of nowere Laurant comes out and he came to get Bella for Victoria, but he was so thirsty he wanted to kill her right then and there. Then the werewolves camr out and started to chase him and destroy him. So Bella goes home and tells Charlie what she saw in the woods and Charlie goes to tell everyone to gather up men to go out and kill the werewolves. Bella found out that Jacob was a werewolf. then she jumped off a cliff and went into the water and Victoria was swimming after her. When Jacob got her out of the water she found out that hary died from a heart attack. So Jacob drives Bella home and when she goes to get out Jacob smells that there is a vampire in her house. Then Bella sees that Carlislie's car is parked her outside she tells him it's one of the Cullens'. So, she goes in the house and she sees Alice and she goes crazy. Alice was like , how are you alive. So Bella tells her the story and how she has been hanging out with werewolves. Then Jacob comes back and he almost kissed her when Edward called and asked for Charlie. Jacob told him that Charlie was getting ready for a funeral. Edward thought that Jacob meant Bella's funeral. So Edward is going to the voultri, and if they don't kill him , he will show himself on Saint Marcus Day, the celebration of all the vampires beeing gone from that town. Bella, and Alice goes to Rome to save Edward from killing himself. When Edward goes out into the sun light he started to sparkle and a little kid saw him then Bella reached him and he was happy to see her again. Then the went to the voultri and told them that their service was no longer needed. Then Alec got Edward and they was going to kill him when Bella said that she would give up her life for his. Alice then made a promise to change Bella soon. Then when Bella got back home she got grounded for life. Then that night Bella and Edward went to the Cullens' house and voted to see if they wanted her to be one of them. Carlislie, Esme, Jasper, Alice,and Emmitt all said yes and Rosalie, and Edward said no. So then Edward took Bella home and they met Jacob in the woods. Bella chose Edward Over Jacob to spend more tim with. Then the end Edward says, "Under one condition, marry me," then the movie ended. It was a very good movie

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montana said...
Dec. 13, 2009 at 11:51 am
Nice summary, but you didn't justify why you liked it.
bella18 replied...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 1:27 pm
i didnt want to tell that i liked it but i did i was just writin a summary lol
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