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December 4, 2009
By IsabelleLee13 BRONZE, Scottsville, Kentucky
IsabelleLee13 BRONZE, Scottsville, Kentucky
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"life sucks, and then you die.... yah i should be so luck."

New Moon, the movie, is nothing like the book. First, Edward does not drive a black volvo, he drives a silver one. Second, Edward does not wear suits all the time. Next, it does not say anything about Jacob getting a tattoo in the book, but he does in the movie. Plus, Jacob doesn't get out of the car and try to stop Bella from going in her house. Then, Bella does not ride a motorcycle with a stranger just for the heck of it. Other than that, it was a pretty good movie. I loved when Jasper was about to say happy birthday to Bella the he says never mind. The saddest parts were when Edward broke up with Bella and he left, and were Jacob couldn't be around Bella anymore and he told her that he didn't want to be friends with her anymore. The ending was unbeliveable. Edward says, "under one condtion, marry me." Then the movie goes off, I couldn't belive it, the movie was over.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this is the twilight books. thanks to some of my friends i started to read the books and i fell in love with them and i watched twilight atleast a millon times.

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