Twlight: New moon

December 4, 2009
By Anonymous

New moon, from the Twilight Saga- is the second book of the series by Stephenie Meyer.
I thought about it first, I have and always will; nothing particular changes my mind. That New moon would be epic, exciting, and leaving you to mourn for more.
I was very, dead wrong. The movie began with small laughs here and there. Then when she got lost on the forest, I thought, well couldn't she just scream for help instead?
I then started counting how many times she wanted to be turned, it bugged me that it was about nine times. And it also bugged me how she said it, I understood the reason behind it. She wanted to live with Edward's side for ever. But couldn't you just wait a bit more, you have time. And yet she was so persistent I had to stop and take a breath, because my anger was pulsing through my veins.
When the movie ended, when she told Jacob that if she had to choose between Edward or Him, made me even quiver more in anger. How dare she say that, even in that way. I was hurt, you could see the sorrow in the wolfs eyes, and of course Jacob's.
But my thoughts didn't stop when the movie was over. I had read the books, the biggest mistake in my life, and I also knew that many times love blinded you. I figured that, that was the way Bella felt, blinded by the love she 'felt' towards Edward.
But so far, from everything else, the movie wasn't as exciting as I expected. Nor was it as boring as some other people say. I thought that it was more of a no oh so bad movie.Though I wish it was a little better.More detailed perhaps.

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