New Moon

December 4, 2009
By Tay-la SILVER, Ada, Ohio
Tay-la SILVER, Ada, Ohio
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The second installment in the Twilight Saga was released November 20th 2009. Comparing New Moon to Twilight I would have to say it is better by far! Kristen Stewart seemed more comfortable and more like Bella Swan in this movie. Jackson Rathbone was Amazing! He was more relaxed and fun loving while playing Jasper Hale, along with Ashley Greene who did a wonderful job portraying Alice Cullen. The scenes were set up beautifully, and the screen writers did a great job keeping to the book. The director, Chris Weitz, did a wonderful job as the director, especially with the scene where Jacob climbs into Bella’s room.

I am a Twilight Saga fan but there were some parts/ people I wasn’t completely satisfied with. In the “Voting” scene Niki Reid who played Rosalie Hale, looked very unnatural and almost sick. Her hair looked wrong and so did her complexion. However this movie surpassed my expectations by far and all the actors and actresses and the entire crew it took to put the movie together did a superb job, and I am looking forward to buying New Moon when it’s released on DVD!

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