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November 30, 2009
By MargoSwim33 PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
MargoSwim33 PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
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The message of the movie brings viewers to personal sacrifice. The main character, Tim Thomas was a very successful engineer with an expensive house, a nice car, and a gorgeous wife. One evening Tim and his wife are driving home when he unknowingly wanders into the wrong lane while on his cell phone. Unfortunately he collides with an oncoming van leaving seven people dead, including his wife. After this tragedy, he spends the rest of his life looking for seven people who he can make a sacrifice for, and ultimately save from their personal afflictions. He will give seven pounds of himself (organs, bone marrow, etc.) to atone for his unfortunate accident.
To gain a list of possible donors, Tim steals his brother Ben's IRS credentials to access people's personal information. After finding a list of possible recipients, he examines each person's life a little closer. If Tim finds these people to be good and decent, he chooses to give them "a gift". It is up to Tim's closest friend Dan to make sure these people are taken care of after he is deceased. While he can give things like bone marrow and a kidney while he is alive, his ultimate sacrifices come after his death. Upon dying, he plans to give his eyes to a pianist named Ezra and his heart for a girl Tim briefly falls in love with, Emily. This element of romantic love that Tim unexpectedly stumbles upon makes the movie's message even clearer. Tim gives up his desire to live and to fall in love to ultimately save Emily, as well as the others he has chosen. Even before Tim's death, he has sacrificed all relationships in his life. His loving brother Ben tries over and again to reach out and help, but he is unaware of Tim's plans of personal sacrifice.

I really enjoyed this movie because it had a great message and although it’s not based on a real story, Tim is so inspiring. I would never kill myself to sacrifice my body, but I will do other things to help people around me. He gives his whole body for the good of seven people, giving them life that the seven that died could no longer have. It was a sad movie because of what he did but it was inspiring and had a great meaning.

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