New Moon

November 29, 2009
By Monseliz Cancel BRONZE, Paterson, New Jersey
Monseliz Cancel BRONZE, Paterson, New Jersey
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“New Moon”--the sequel in the Twilight Saga, written by Stephenie Meyer—will knock your tail off. The film adaptation continues from where Twilight—the first installment of the Twilight Saga—left off.

Isabella Swan is finally getting comfortable with her new life. She's beginning to like Forks more than she thought she would. Then again, it could be because that is the home of the love of her life, her reason for existence, Edward Cullen—a vampire. She manages to lead her double life with ease, keeping Charlie—her father—in the dark. Everything was going perfectly.

Until Bella's eighteenth birthday. After practically being forced to attend the party Alice was throwing for her, and getting a paper cut from the gift wrap on her present, Bella is nearly attacked by Jasper—the newest addition to the Cullen's “vegeterian” family. The blood was too potent for him to resist.

This adds to Edward's fear. He did not want to change Bella, he did not want to take away her soul and her mortality. But, he also did not want to endanger her life, which was impossible when she is constantly surrounded by vampires. So, Edward decides to pull himself out of the equation. Leaving Bella miserable and alone. This leads her to a spiraling depression, until she decides to create a new friendship with Jacob Black. This new friendship helps her, fills part of the hole in her heart that Edward left, but never fully heals it.

The adaptation from book to film is uncanny. You can see that Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenberg collaborated well to bring the book to life.

When Kristen Stewart—who plays Bella Swan—gets into character, it is almost impossible to remember that it is only a movie. In the novel, Bella is suffering, grieving from losing Edward. When you watch Kristen on screen, you feel that loss. You can see how empty Bella truly is, and how much Edward's disappearance affected her.

It is almost as impressive as Taylor Lautner's performance. This werewolf has come a long way since Sharkboy and Lava Girl. He portrays Jacob Black, Bella's werewolf best friend to a “T”. In the novel, Jacob is described as a “free spirit”. He is like this happy-go-lucky kid, full of hopes and dreams, and confidence. When Taylor is on screen, its impossible to distinguish him from Jacob Black. It were as if Stephenie Meyer had written Jacob with Taylor in mind.

Not to mention the rest of cast like Billy Burke, who catches your attention in every scene he is in—this man is impossible to ignore—and Robert Pattinson. Who could forget Robert Pattinson? This man, who was nominated by People's Magazine as 2008's Sexiest Man Alive, is also an incredible addition to the Twilight Saga. He plays Edward Cullen—Bella's vampire boyfriend. You can see how well Robert falls into character when on screen. You can see the pain it caused him to leave Bella, almost as much as you can feel the pain he felt when Rosalie—Edward's vampire sister—told him Bella was dead.

“New Moon” steps it up a notch. Compared to “Twilight,” this film is more light-hearted, well propped, and the animation is insane. Melissa Rosenberg even added a few bits of humor here and there for the audience to enjoy, while still sticking as much to the book as possible. “New Moon” will take you to a whole new world, the world where all legends are true and nothing is impossible. You can see it took a lot of work to make this film as amazing as it is. I commend the cast and crew of the film, and I give them two thumbs—or two paws—up.

The author's comments:
I hope this piece gives people a better understanding of the film "New Moon". You can see that the cast ans crew worked very hard and they deserve all the credit they can get.

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