New moon

November 27, 2009
By Anonymous

New Moon is a movie of discovering yourself in a relationship. Bella is dumped by Edward and goes into a deep depression. What Bella loves in Jacob is put to the test. Bella expects Jacob to know how to take care of himself but he and Bella both need help. Bella sacrifices herself in order to save her friend. This movie is amazing! This movie is a movie anyone, boy or girl can relate to. It's about having the rules and expectations changed in your life. It's about having unexpected things come up in your life and learning to deal with them. It's about having your heart stomped on and looking for a friend to turn to. It's about having friends who don't quite understand what you're going through so you clam up and refuse to let anyone help you. Bella wants to be free of being hurt but doesn't know how to end it. Bella wants to be happy but doesn't know how to make others in her life happy without giving up part of herself. Bella means well with what she chooses in her life but she doesn't ever think of anything but of how others think of her. I think this movie and book series can relate to anyone who is afraid of making choices that could hurt others. This poem can relate to any teenage girl who wants something and doesn't think about the consquences. So check out New Moon.

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