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November 27, 2009
By yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
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Two Words: New Moon. I didn’t think I’d even be into this vampire obsession. But what made me change my mind was New Moon. Of course I had seen Twilight, I thought It was no big deal, but New Moon changed my perspective on Vampires New Moon, is by far my favorite movie of the year 2009.

Of course you fans know the main details of Twilight. Bella meets Edward, they fall in love, but there are bumps in their path to a steady relationship. Edward is a vampire, yes a VAMPIRE! HE has pale skin, stays out of the sunlight, and can do that really cool apple trick. Bella, who isn’t a vampire is also pale, and not a vampire. And she is irresistibly drawn to this “teenage” (really over a hundred years old) boy.

Unlike Twilight, New moon uses more color, and visual effects. In New moon the screen moves around a lot, which made me kind of dizzy sitting in the first row! Unfortunately in the movie, we don’t see much of Edward, only as a “ghost” (kind of like her conscience, only its being Edward) warning Bella when not to do crazy things. For in this chapter of the Saga, Edward leaves Bella to “Protect her, but we all know they can’t resist each other, so obviously it wouldn’t last long. Fortunately in this chapter we see a more mature Jacob, as he becomes a werewolf, and protects Bella from Victoria from the last movie who wants to avenger her dead boyfriend James. Jacob also tries to win her heart in the event of Edward’s absence. There’s many time when Bella and Jacob are so close to kissing, but it never happens!

Somehow there’s a mix-up towards the end and Edward is told that Bella is dead. He being immortal doesn’t want to live without her. So he goes to the Volturi, this really old clan of vampires that considered royalty and makes sure that vampires aren’t
exposed to humans. They decide not to kill Edward, but he does plan to make a scene so the human can see his skin glitter and shine in the sunlight. Bella stops this from happening, she meets the Volturi, and they go back to Forks, Washington.

Bella longs to be a vampire like Edward and his family, and when a vote is taken within the Cullen Family, the overall vote is yes. But Jacob warns Edward that if anyone of the Cullens bite a human, the treaty between the werewolves and vampires is over. That means the werewolves are going to come after the Cullens! Taking note of this warning Edward tells him he understands, and Jacob is upset about Bella becoming
a vampire. In the End Edward tells Bella he’ll only turn her if se marries HIM! It was a suckish ending; I mean how can you end a GREAT movie like that! It only left me wanting more!!! Many people are on Team Jacob or Team Edward, but I think Team Edward has won the battle. Bella loves Jacob, but she will always, and forever love her Vampire, Edward.

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