The Twilight Saga New Moon

November 24, 2009
By emilyflgrl BRONZE, Nottelling, Florida
emilyflgrl BRONZE, Nottelling, Florida
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I would like to start out by congratulating all the actors and everyone who worked on this film. It was such a great movie. There are many great things about this movie. First of all, it stayed very close to the book, closer than Twilight. Secondly, it was not blue-fill. That made the Twilight movie not as good and you could really see the colors in this movie. Also, although I am Team Edward, I thought the wolves were great and I loved the scene where they are running after Victoria. Another good thing was the Volturi. I think the actors portrayed the characters very well and acted the way we pictured them while reading New Moon. Lastly, I loved the ending. I know some people may disagree, but I loved how they had the ending scene with Bella, Edward and Jacob. It was good to see that Bella told Jacob her feelings, but told him the truth. Some people may think it was harsh, but it’s true. Also in the ending were the last lines when he said “Marry me, Bella.” Then she gasped and the screen went black. I’m glad they included that in the movie and it leaves a great starting point for Eclipse. Chris Weitz did a great job and if they were to go through with making Breaking Dawn I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if he was cast as director. Again thank you to Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and everyone in the movie for such a great job.

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I am a fan of the Twilight Saga. This looked like a fun thing to do.

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