Amazing Grace

November 23, 2009
By Joy Lee SILVER, Osceola, Wisconsin
Joy Lee SILVER, Osceola, Wisconsin
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“Was blind but now I see”

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.”

“Amazing Grace” is about a man who tried to stop slavery. William worked in the government, so he tried to persuade people, who wanted to employ the black slaves. He sold books about slavery, and brought many people to the slave ships to let them know that they should stop slavery. Some people in the government wanted to employ black slaves because they were cheaper than any other slaves. For these reason, many people voted for approval of slavery. Even though he was placed at a disadvantageous position and he was sick, he struggled with the government, who wanted black slaves, and the slaves were eventually free.

It must be very hard for William to persuade many people to stop slavery, but he did. I think he was very brave to struggle with the people who pursued their own benefit. There were many obstacles to set slaves free, but he sympathized with slaves sincerely, and tried to remove sufferings of slaves instead of giving up. That is why he could make an amazing miracle.

I think amazing grace symbolizes liberation of slaves. There was slavery in the 18th century, and most slaves suffered from hunger and pain. Half of slaves died in the slave ships, and their bodies spoiled. Nobody cared about their bodies or their lives. It is no exaggeration to say that slaves were the most miserable people in the 18th century; however, one man changed their lives. He devoted his life to stopping slavery, and it brought them liberation of slaves. Slaves were lost and blind, but William’s devoted love for slaves made them see. How amazing his struggle was!

Struggling for 18 years was not easy for anyone; however, he did so because he loved slaves. I felt like I was very selfish after I watched William’s amazing struggle. Sometimes, when I do my homework, I do not want other people to ask me questions, or I do not want to help other people solve difficult problems even if I know the answers. I did not care about others but me and I was so selfish that I did not realize that many people need my help. I have not thought about sacrifice myself for other people, but I will love other people, and think about others instead of being selfish just like William because amazing miracle happens when somebody has devoted love and sympathy to other people.

The author's comments:
I learned about loving people from Amazing Grace, so I want to share my feelings about loving people. Also, I want to recommend people to watch "Amazing Grace."

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