New Moon

November 22, 2009
I loved New Moon! Taylor Lautner did an excellent job as Jacob Black in New Moon. I think Kristen Stewart could have been a lot better but oh well. I think Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress. I love the action scenes in New Moon and i think the director did an excellent job. I can't wait for Eclipse in June! I thought the kissing scenes were terrible throughout the whole entire movies especially the one in front of bella's house. THE ENDING WAS TERRIBLE! cliffhangers are the ultimate let down, but OVERALL New Moon was amazing! team jacob all the way! fireworks defiantly went off between jacob and bella. <3 new moon!

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pkf007 said...
Dec. 13, 2009 at 8:45 pm
Constructive Criticism: Your movie review is pretty one-sided, and it seems like you didn't put very much time into it. Next time try and give more facts, and show both sides of the story. I hope that makes sense to you. :)
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