The Twilight Saga: New Moon

November 21, 2009
By Devilette BRONZE, Hines, Minnesota
Devilette BRONZE, Hines, Minnesota
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For all those screaming Twilight fans out there, New Moon is finally here! I watched the movie during the midnight premiere in my town. I have to say, I'm very satisfied with the way this movie turned out. Although minor details were missing or some were thrown in, I have to say I liked the way they emphasized the main points and objects. First off I like to say, Robert Pattinson was absolutely hot in this, am I right?! Most people would say his acting has something to be desired, but I say he was excellent in this. Taylor Lautner was hot in this too, a great bod for sure. Kristen Stewart plays Bella very well, she places emotion where it's needed and though her stuttering is a habit she placed it really well. The humor was well placed too and apparent, so unlike the Harry Potter movies, it doesn't seem to get darker with each installment. The action is also well dispersed, it's all very awesome! The actors for the villains were well chosen. The guy who plays Aro was perfect, very creepy, yet sophisticated. The special effects are much better than in the first movie, the vampire's speed was much, much better. However the way vampire's die is different then it was in the first movie and the in the books. The way the werewolves transform is very good, though abrupt, I have to say it's much better than most of the werewolf transformations in past movies. The intensity of emotion seems very apparent, the desperation in Bella is well portrayed; the love and warmth in Jacob is apparent, the passion and love in Edward is excellent; the heat, love, passion, desperation, intensity between Bella and Edward is definitely felt. I have to say most Twilight fans will probably be very satisfied with this movie, as a devoted Twilight fan myself, I was very satisfied with this film and can't wait till Eclipse and also Breaking Dawn.

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I'm a devoted Twilight fan and I felt I should put my opinion out there. I hope people who haven't seen the movie will rush to the theaters after this.

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