November 9, 2009
By TrustyJoe SILVER, Russellville, Kentucky
TrustyJoe SILVER, Russellville, Kentucky
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“Serenity” is a 2005 movie set three hundred years in the future. In this future Earth....well, let’s just say you can no longer live there. Using colony ships they traveled the ‘verse until they found another solar system with dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. We teraformed (changing the atmosphere and/or surface of a planet to make it habitable) the planets and moons but only the moons and all but the last planet were successfully teraformed. For the last planet they added an anti-aggression agent into the teraforming process. The plan backfired in the worst possible way. The inhabitants became savages called Reavers. Oh, and the only two languages people speak are Chinese and English. And now the movie begins.

River Tam was an innocent bystander who was captured and got her brain rewired. River’s brother, Simon, broke her out at the cost of making them both fugitives. The Tams find refuge onboard the spaceship Serenity where Simon takes a job as the ship’s Doctor (for details watch, “Firefly pilot: Serenity.”) One day the Serenity crew goes to a pub. River watches a television commercial encoded with a secret message and whispers “Miranda.” Desperate to figure out what “Miranda” means, they contact a man named Mr. Universe who is clueless of course. On the ship, River sneaks into the bridge and brings up a picture of planet Miranda (The Reaver planet.)
They disguise their spaceship to get passed the Reavers. On Miranda they discover that the Government a.k.a. the Alliance created the Reavers. At this point the Alliance realizes what the Serenity crew is trying to do so they set up an army blockade above Mr. Universe’s moon. The crew anticipates resistance so on the way back from Miranda they shot a Reaver ship.
At the end of the movie, there’s this awesome space battle. The battle begins with a space version of The Calvary Over The Hill scene. Serenity flies through the ion cloud that surrounds Mr. Universe’s moon. The Alliance, thinking they’ve won, is surprised when moments later, the Reaver fleet flies through the ion cloud. I’m not going to tell you how the movie ends because that would ruin the movie.
This is a great movie and I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it. On a scale from zero to ten I would give this movie a perfect ten. There is more to this movie than what I have typed but if I told you everything that happens then there would be no point in watching the movie. All I have left to say is: If you haven’t seen this movie yet than you’re missing out.

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