She's the Man

October 28, 2009
Amanda Bines stars in another comedy that will make your head spin and leave your night filled with laughter. She’s the Man is about a teen that cross-dresses as her twin brother to play soccer, when they eliminate the girl’s soccer team at her school. When she falls in love with her roommate, it becomes difficult to help him win the girl of his dreams without giving it away that “he” is really a girl.
Viola and her twin brother Sebastian both have a huge passion for soccer. When Viola’s school decides to get rid of the girls soccer team, Viola is more than furious. She loses her boyfriend, and refuses to be a debutant, which her mother is eagerly looking forward to. Meanwhile, Sebastian enrolls into a different school, Illyria Prep, and then conveniently sneaks away to London without telling anybody. Viola sees this as a perfect opportunity to show her love for soccer. With help from her friends, she decides to get made over into her brother. She tells her mom she is staying with Sebastian and their father out of town for a couple weeks. Viola packs and arranges to arrive the next day. The next day, Viola arrives to Illyria. It is hard at first to make friends because she is still inexperienced and getting used to playing like a guy. Viola finally gets her dorm, and meets her gorgeous, athletic roommate Duke, who is in love with the beautiful, Olivia. Duke begins training Sebastian in soccer, if he agrees to hook Olivia up with him. But, Olivia begins falling for Sebastian who is really Viola, then goes on a date with Duke to make Sebastian jealous. In the mean time, Duke kisses Viola at a kissing booth, and is drawn to her . When the real Sebastian comes back just in time for the big playoff game, Olivia sees him and kisses him. Duke witnesses the kiss and is betrayed by who he thinks is Sebastian the whole time. The confusion never stops and only gets better as it goes!

She’s the Man is a film for all ages. Its humor and wit has won it the Teens Choice Award 2006 for Choice Comedy. Amanda Bines is a sensation in the year’s mind boggling comedy. The message the film seems to be sending is, if you choose to chase your dreams, you may have to break the rules sometimes.

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