Where the Wild Things Are.

October 20, 2009
By Naila Littell SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Naila Littell SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Parents upset? Children Bored?

Where the wild things are was originally published in 1963.
It's the story of a boy who makes an escape to an imaginary
land and has many adventures, but it seems the MOVIE has
taken a much more dismal approach.

Although the book was originally very short, the movie is
an hour and thirty minutes long. They added a family aspect
that originally was not part of the concept.
The writer, Maurice Sendak, left parts of the plot
concealed, but the screenwriters took liberty in rewriting,
and adding things, to fill in parts, that in my personal
oppinion should have been left alone.

Max a little boy who is upset by his parents divorce runs
away one night when his mother has a 'friend' over for dinner.
when max runs into the forest he finds a boat and sails
to where the wild things are.
When he gets there he discovers a group longing for a leader,
when max lies and tells them he is a king of vikings, they beg him to be their king too. What max soon discovers is you can't always fix everyone and sometimes people need to fix themselves.

The movie is quite dissapointing to some parents who remember
book from their childhood. I, myself read this book at a
young age and fell in love, it was quite simple, and only
10 sentences long. When they expanded it, it seemed
quite sad, if i had seen the movie maybe 5 years ago it
surely would dissapoint me. The movie's concepts weren't
very hard to understand but the unpredictable mood swings,
and the way the characters were always ready to eat the
boy max seemed quite deppressing. Looking at it from a 4
year olds point of view i would definatly say that the
'wild things' were always so sad, and it didn't even have
a happy ending.

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