The Lord of the Rings

October 20, 2009
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The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a breakthrough in the movie making industry. Lord of the Rings is unlike many movie series that make one movie and start the next sequel. Because of this the series takes longer to make and people change to fast. The Lord of the Rings scripts and ideas were completely prepared beforehand even before they picked the cast. They filmed all three movies for eight years straight, in New Zealand, so that characters didn’t change to fast. The first movie The Fellowship of the Ring started it all with the main characters like Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin, the four hobbits and Legolas the elf, Gimly the dwarf, Gandalf the wizard, and finally Aragorn the ranger. This movie explains how the evil Saran has returned to find his ring power, owned by Frodo, and enslave all of Middle Earth, so it is up to these companions to destroy the ring and end Saran. This movie had many amazing sets like the rolling hills of the shire, The prancing Pony hotel, wonderful Rivindell, dark Moria, and the magical woods of Lothlorien. This movie won four academy awards. The second movie explains how the fellowship has been separated and Sarumaon, Sarons puppet, sets out to concur rohan. While the war is going on Frodo and Sam sneak around into mordor unnoticed by the help of Golem, who formerly owned the ring but it corrupted him. This movie had many amazing settings like the capital of Rohan; Edoras, Sarons great keep of Isenguard, and the battle hardened fortress of Helms Deep. This movie won two academy awards. The third and final movie, my personal favorite, The Return of the King tells how the Great Saron is defeated by the ring being destroyed and peace being restored. This movie features some of the greatest sets ever like the destroyed city of ogsgiliath, terrible shelas lair, the depths of mordor, and the finest set that was built on top of the previous set of the battle fortress of Helms deep, Minas Tirith. This movie had eight academy awards. The lord of the rings was one of the greatest films of all time and will be remembered for many years to come.

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