The Brothers Bloom

October 17, 2009
By SkipG BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
SkipG BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
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This is a movie you may not have heard about before, but please don’t let that fact stop you from checking this film out, because it truly is a gem. For the majority of you out there who haven’t heard of this movie before, it’s a con film starring Mark Ruffalo and adrien brody who play two brothers, Stephan and Bloom. These Brothers travel around conning various people with their Demolitions Expert Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi).all is going until Brody’s character, Bloom decides he wants out, but his brother talks him into one last con. This con involves the quirky millionaire Penelope Stamp (Rachel Weisz), but that’s as far as I can go without stepping into spoiler territory. What makes this movie different then other con artist films is the fact this film never really tries to pull the rug out from under you, and I really respect that about this film. On top of that the film has a unique sense of humor. Each character has their own set of gags such as Penelope’s many crazy talents which I won’t spoil for you here. If you haven’t seen it yet rush out to the movie store, get it on Netflix, or steal it from an elderly woman! Sure if you steal it from an old woman you’ll probably go to jail, but in the end does it really matter? The answer is yes…
I give The Brothers Bloom a 7.9/10

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