October 16, 2009
By Melanie Wilson SILVER, Setauket, New York
Melanie Wilson SILVER, Setauket, New York
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Would you prefer black-and-white or color? Most people would choose color because it allows for the chance to be expressive and different. But in a world where everything is perfect and everyone has the same life, no one is prepared for the change that is about to occur. Reese Witherspoon and Toby Maguire rustle up the continuity of the town in the movie appropriately titled, Pleasantville.

The people of Pleasantville are used to a uniform life and a focus of the simple, smart ways. The men come home with the “Honey, I’m home,” phrase, and the students bring home straight A’s. Everyone sleeps in a single bed, and the firemen only know how to save cats from trees. But when the basketball team starts missing baskets, the town starts to get worried.
Pleasantville is a unique movie. It shows that it takes courage to change and that if we cannot accept this change, it will be difficult for others to accept it as well. I really enjoyed watching this movie because there is comedy and value all wrapped up into a 1960s world. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys an unusual yet great idea in a film.

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