September 30, 2009
By Anonymous

“Shorts” is a funny comedy for kids and adults. It is separated into different episodes not in chronological order. Helvetica Black is a girl who is the devil herself. And there is Toe Thompson, the average brace-face kid that is picked on by Helvetica (another brace-face kid that rules the community) about his braces. Then after a harsh storm the wishing rock comes at the end of the rainbow (instead of the pot of gold). When the kids get a hold of it, the community goes upside down( not like it was upside-up at the beginning).There are alligators that stand, a baby that is smarter than anyone will ever be, a big enormous booger monster, combined parents, and a kid with telephonesis. Black Box is the multi-millionaire company that is lying straight in the middle of Black Falls, the home to the most “normal” people. The Black Box can do almost anything (blender, phone, TV, etc.). Mr. Black (Helvetica's father) is trying to beat the other competing companies. What happens if he gets the wishing rock?!?!?

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