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September 18, 2009
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Funny, charming, honest and smart. Maggie (Cameron Diaz) and Rose Feller (Toni Collette) do a great job playing their role as sisters. Rose is over weight, she is a regular hardworking woman that doesn't really go out or have “fun”. Her sister Maggie is skinny, beautiful, loves to party but doesn't have her life together. Her sister Rose always gets her out of trouble but Maggie always seems to mess up with her seductive and sexy character. This movie has real world problem that can happen between sisters, at one point Maggie betrays her sister which gets Maggie kicked out with no were to but her unknown grandmothers house, and there are many things that make Maggie become another person and change her ways while she is there. Diaz played her usual character in all her movies like CHARLIE'S ANGELS; Partying, showing skin, and messing up. In this movie there is always an opportunity to love someone no matter what you look like or how you are there is someone for everyone. Rose was never happy with the way she was she felt so intimidated by her sister and this made her do what she does best shop for something she never uses, when rose kicked out Maggie ends up taking her special things. This causes them to become more separated and have this huge fight. During all this time they are separated Rose finds love, which she thought was never possible. All of this happens in a very ironic way. Big question we start asking ourselves around this time, Why is rose so scared of her new love and her sister Maggie meeting? Towards the end of the movie Diaz does a good job trying to get her life together and realizing what she has done wrong and how it has affected her loved ones. Tear fulfilling, amazing, funny, love, charming, honest, and smart. I highly recommend for all audiences to see this movie, you will not regret it.

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Taylor swift said...
Oct. 30, 2009 at 11:05 am
I thought this piece was very well written!
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