Year One

September 18, 2009
By Heaven Piller BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Heaven Piller BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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After watching this movie it felt as if not only was the setting and plot of the movie based on year one, but so was the script and originality. The movie Year One starring Jack Black and Michael Cera definitely did not live up to what people thought it would be. Most people probably assumed “Wow Jack Black and Michael Cera? Sounds like a great combination!” But don't be fooled, this movie is definitely not what was expected. As Matt Pais from the Metromix Chicago said “unfortunately consistent laughs weren't discovered until year two.” And if you were to go see this movie, I am certain you would agree. At least they made the movie PG-13 so teens didn't have to waste their time trying to get into a rated R movie to go see 97 minutes of “comedy”.

Although Jack Black and Michael Cera are two of some of the most popular and hilarious actors out there these days, this movie really did not show how great these two actors are. After the production of Superbad, Juno, and Tropic Thunder; there was no doubt that many movies would not live up to these and this movie for sure does not fall into the category. Year One really does not start off terrible but the more you watch, the more you'll understand why you should have just gone to see and actual comedy, unlike this pathetic thing they call a movie.

Year One had some very tough competition over the summer with movies like The Hangover and Funny People. This movie could have had a lot more potential if it was produced a couple months earlier. Half the people I know don't even remember watching Year One. This movie is unquestionably one that has been forgotten very quickly. Fortunately this movie is no longer playing in theaters, but if you're walking around Blockbuster, looking for a movie to watch with some friends on a Friday night. And you see the movie Year One on the shelf, my advice is, just get something else and don't waste your time.

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