Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

September 18, 2009
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The movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, directed by Mike Newell, was a very interesting and entertaining movie. This movie makes the viewer wish that the magical world portrayed in the movie is real and that they are one of the few chosen to be a wizard. The portrayed reality of the magical spells is the cause of this effect. They give you a thought in the back of your mind that maybe this world might secretly exist and no one else knows about it. Although Daniel Radcliff's (Harry Potter) acting was not superb, all of the other acting was. All of the Harry Potter movies were all made by different directors, but I think that this movie was done much better than the others.

There is a big controversy surrounding whether the movies or the books are better. Even though I believe this was the best Harry Potter movie yet, the books have always been better, in my personal opinion. They obviously have to leave out scenes from the books in the movies due to time constraints, which make the movies not as detailed. Sometimes the director leaves out scenes that are very important to devoted fans, and The Half Blood Prince is no exception. Despite the title, the film barely mentions anything about the “Half Blood Prince.” They just discretely mention who it is and one of the spells (which sounded awesome in the book, but looked boring in the movie) that he made. In my opinion the books will always be better.

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