Step Brothers

September 18, 2009
By , sunny isles beach, FL
Step Brothers is awkward, hilarious, and mind blowing all at the same time. Will Ferrell and John Reilly's partnership makes this movie. Some say that it has no meaning or no reason to see it, but that's why it's so entertaining. To a movie that made over 100,000,000 dollars in the box office for someone to say that it's not entertaining must have watched the wrong movie. Despite what some say this is the right movie to get you to start laughing.
Step Brothers will lead you from laugh to laugh throughout the movie. In the words of a fellow critic, Rebecca Murray, “Nobody can play a 40-year-old obviously man-child like Will Ferrell”. Step Brothers throws joke after joke into the form of a movie. From line to line Will Ferrell and John Reilly's feuds in the movie are the highlights of the movie. The unmatched magic between these two actors cannot be paralleled when it comes to a comedy on a topic this ridiculous. These two actors keep the movie going and going whether it's when they decide they want to make a record label or when they decide to sabotage plans to sell the house. They make idiotic comments and act like true 40 year old kids.
This is a movie you should go out and get from your local blockbuster. Whenever you feel like a good laugh or just a good night with a friend this is it. It's all in this movie. It's the kind of movie you just do not return to blockbuster. The kind you never call to tell blockbuster you're keeping, so you end up paying 60 dollars for a 15 dollar movie and you still somehow think it was worth the money. That's why this movie should be on your to do list.

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