Taking Woodstock

September 18, 2009
By alexc BRONZE, Sunny Isles, Florida
alexc BRONZE, Sunny Isles, Florida
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A movie based on Woodstock, an insanely critical point in history completely about music, should contain some music. Taking Woodstock failed miserably on this point. The story of the family who made the concert possible is important, but it doesn't grasp what so ever on the purpose of Woodstock; music! Who wants to watch a movie about Woodstock and not hear or see any clips from the concert at all? As a musician, I was disappointed.

Demetri Martin does a fabulous job as an actor, and capturing the importance of the little family in the Catskills who made it possible to have the festival was not entirely a horrible idea. The movie itself was cute and emotional, with main character, Elliot Tiber, going on an emotional rollercoaster ride and experiencing life changing events. The comedic side of the movie was also exceptionally funny. Ang Lee did fabulous directing the film and how they used the camera effect in some scenes to make it look like an old clip was really cool.

The film was well put together, but going into the theatre expecting to see a movie about Woodstock, made it disappointing by the end. I stress the point that there is no music involved for a reason: You can't put Woodstock in the title of a movie that has nothing to do with music- its too deceiving! There were the drugs and there were the scenes of thousands of people. Ang lee made a movie worth watching, their was just one huge aspect missing: Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Ritchie Havens, and the rest of the talented musicians that were involved in the three days of peace, love, and MUSIC!

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