August 11, 2009
By , Somewhere, VA
As we all fall in love with the storry line, we all find the faults in the movie. We all love someone from the book or the movie. But we need to know that reading the saga is the key to unlock the real meaning of seeing the movie. Noone knows as much about the movie as the people who have read all four books. If you say that you are anxious to see the movie, and the only reason is to see Robert Pattinson do his shirtless scene, you arent really anxious for the right reason. I personally am in love with him as a actor and as a hottie but the real reason to be anxious is to see how Katherine Hardwicke translates the book into a movie. So to all of the TWILIGHT book fans, you guys rock and live your life!! And to all the TWILIGHT movie fans, you guys should really read the series. LOVE YA ALL!!! PEACE OUT

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