The Dark Knight

August 26, 2009
By Erica Roberts BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
Erica Roberts BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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The Dark Knight, a movie directed by Christopher Nolan, was the best movie in the world! It received 8.9 stars from its viewers. The acting was phenomenal, as well as the plot and the filming and special effects were really good. However, like any other movie, The Dark Knight had its flaws, but the overall movie was great. The movie was extremely long, running 150 minutes long and, at some points, losing the attention of the viewer.

The movie opened up with a quiet sight of sky-scrapers in Gotham City for about 5 seconds when the silence was broken by the breaking of a window and the sound of an alarm as the beginning characters ride a bank. It is a very exciting beginning that automatically gets the viewer excited and eager to see more. The Joker leaves the bank manager to die, reciting the words, “I believe that whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you-stranger!” He reveals his face which is painted to look like a clown's. As the movie goes on, the viewers learn where the Joker stands on anarchy and reveals how crazy he actually is. The movie does a great job getting into the mind of the psychopath, as well as the three other main characters, Batman, Gordon, and Harvey Dent. These four characters are brought together by the Joker' s catastrophe, as well as everything from the mob to the Joker killings and trust in the city, and the movie's sequence in how this connection happens is a little confusing but it was very clever.

Speaking of the main characters, the actors for this movie were fantastic, especially Heath Ledger who played the Joker. His character had extreme psychological problems and the way Ledger conducted this role was over the top. He really dug deep down in himself and presented the Joker for the madman he was on the big screen. Christian Bale also did phenomenal, especially with him having to do so much jumping and crashing and all of the other stunts he had to endure, all of which he did on his own.

The movie was rated PG-13 and, in my opinion, this rating was a good choice. There was a lot of killing going on in the movie and I thought it was best that the viewers did not have to witness the gruesomeness of the killings. Besides, the actors' emotions during the killings showed the viewers how horrific the deaths were. For example, when the Joker killed Gamble with the knife, the man's face jerked and he closed his eyes and turned his head away, showing the viewer that the killing was not a pretty sight.

The special effects of the movie were great! They displayed various angles of one scene which made the real action scenes, like Batman's fighting scene in the beginning, really visually graphic and exciting. However, The Dark Knight does commend its title because many scenes in the movie were dark or dimmed. This characteristic did make some of the scenes, particularly the ones with many people and a lot of movement, like the final fighting scene at the end of the move, hard to see and follow, losing the interest of the viewer.

Another flaw in the movie is that it was a little confusing and left the viewers with a few questions like why was Batman running away at the end? As said before, the transition from character to character to show a relationship was confusing until they finally all came together. Also, there were extremely too many characters to keep up with. There were many, many characters, and if they had a name they played a role in what was going on. Too many characters had roles, making it hard for the viewer to keep up.

The Dark Knight, like any other movie, had many flaws, but the overall plot and movie was great. The actors did a really great job displaying the mind set and tension in the city during this time. The director did a magnificent job piecing the movie together and the special effects made the movie become alive and made it very exciting. The number one thing tat I would change, though, is cutting the movie down at least half an hour. Other than that, The Dark Knight was the greatest movie in the world!

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