Pride and Prejudice (2005)

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you feel as if you just don't belong in this time period and would prefer to live in 18th century England? Unfortunately, advancements in time travel have not yet allowed that. A good substitute for time travel would be the movie Pride and Prejudice made in 2005. The movie immediately submerges the viewers in the period of balls, flowing gowns, large estates, and the lives of five young women looking for romance and fun. Keira Knightley plays the character of the strong, beautiful Miss Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet. Throughout the movie, the viewers follow her exciting day to day life.

Excitement picks up when Netherfield Park is bought out by the wealthy bachelor Mr. Bingley. When he comes to town with his wealthier friend Mr. Darcy Mrs. Bennet, the eager mother of five, is determined to make them matches for the two eldest daughters, Lizzie and Jane. While Jane and the kind Mr. Bingley immediately hit it off, Lizzie takes an immediate disliking to the proud, arrogant, and handsome Mr. Darcy of Derbyshire.

Throughout the movie, Lizzie is continuously forced together with Mr. Darcy when she is out in society. After a couple of meetings, Mr. Darcy confesses his deep love for the bold, beautiful woman and asks for her hand in marriage. She readily denies the suitor that she thinks is “the last man on earth that she could ever be prevailed upon to marry,” only to realize that she truly does like the proud man who she swore was her enemy. I highly recommend that you watch this movie to see what this Miss Benet does about the man she secretly admires.

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I LOVE this movie so much!!! :) It's great! Last night I stayed up till 12 somthing watching it! :) Lol Thanks for putting this on, it's great! :)

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