Star Trek

May 16, 2009
By Anonymous

I have never been much of a Star Trek fan, or “trekkie” as it is most commonly called. Quite frankly, I always enjoyed Star Wars better, simply because Hayden Christenson was in the movies. The new Star Trek movie, however, has completely turned me into a “trekkie.” This movie has everything in it that movies, at their very core, should maintain, and it does this exceedingly well and far beyond any of my expectations. Although the movie had a few too many emotional roller-coaster rides in it for my taste, the action and adventure which encompassed it made up for any flaws that may have been seen in the sometimes too despairing plot. From the very beginning, Star Trek began to solidify its now dominant action/adventure reputation, and maintained the same momentum throughout. Furthermore, myself never being a Star Trek fan, I found this movie surprisingly easy to understand and keep up with, despite my naivety towards the general concept. Furthermore, the way this particular producer decided to depict each of the characters, I personally felt not only as though I was there with them, but also that I understood each of their own separate pasts, each of their individual struggles and mental battles. Furthermore, and this may be the most important part of depicting the characters, by the end of the movie, I saw not only a distinctive personality shift in Kirk as well as Spok, but the development of a friendship which is apparently essential in the TV series (I had to deliberate with a personal friend of mine to get this information), and a rather optimistic future for everyone aboard the Enterprise. Also, one fear that I had concerning this movie, that it would be over simplified or even simply corny (like the last few Star Wars movies), was never realized. This was, simply put, a perfect movie from start to finish, with intense action, the accurate and intriguing development of characters, and a thrilling development of not only the hero's personalities, but also the villains, completing the trifecta which is a genuinely well-done movie. The new Star Trek movie comprises everything which movie and theatre, at its very core, is about: it emerges the watcher into another world, another time, and allows the audience to escape their own lives, and their own problems. This was a genuinely unique and entertaining take on the old Star Trek series, and I personally would not have it any other way. 5 out of 5 stars.

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