Galaxy Quest

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

“Never give up, never surrender!” This quote describes the underlying theme of Galaxy Quest. As I flew through space with Commander Taggart and his crew, I found the Sci Fi nerd in me glow as if I was ET himself. As amusing and humorous as Galaxy Quest was, it was really geared towards Sci Fi nerds like me. Since this movie was a spoof, someone unfamiliar with the Sci Fi genre might not appreciate some of the humor and sarcasm.

I laughed and cried along with Mathesar. I wanted to help the Commander fight Sarris and the pigizard. The cheesier the action, the more obnoxiously fake the effects became. I thought this made the film all the more superior. With the cornucopia of twists in the plot, the nerd in me exploded just like the pigizard.
The cleverness of the Amega 13 and the cute, evil blue creatures made me wish I could go back thirteen seconds in time to revisit the scenes again. As the voyage came to an end, I found myself wanting more and I was then fulfilled with an original, but always satisfying ending. With two love stories thrown into the mix, the plot never got old. Dean Parisot did a fantastic job of capturing the Sci Fi audience, which is what he was aiming for. Bravo Dean! Bravo! Live long and prosper!

The author's comments:
This is a movie review that I wrote for my friend who had never seen the movie Galaxy Quest. She saw it and didn't really understand it so I tried to make it clearer for her with this.

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